Do not obturate unless you have a dry Canal

Do not obturate unless you have a dry Canal

a swollen necrotic upper first molar case with a chronic periapical abscess came to our clinic suffering from moderate persistent etching pain and pain on mastication .

the swelling started to come and go 6 month ago and the patient was on antibiotic medication , but this time it didn’t go .

access was gained throw old amalgam restoration , canals were located and prepared to full working length using the amazing “Videya” TC Files .

2nd visit intracanal medicament “CaoH” paste was placed in canals .

on 3rd visit after 10 days i noticed bad odor and we couldn’t get a dry canal using paper point so another dressing of intracanal medicament was placed .

on 4th visit (14 days later ) the bad odor disappeared and we could manage to get dry canals , so obturation was carried out , on recall visit the patient was asymptomatic and every thing was going fine without any periodontal manifestation .

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