Badly Decayed Lower first molar with calcified canals

a patient with sever pain on the lower right side came to our Clinic
on clinical examination we found A lower first molar which is painful on bitting and tender to percusion with zero response to sensetivity test
this molar had an old failure amalgam restoration and deep carious lesion reaching the gingival margin lingually and distally
on x ray a deep calcification was found on the pulp champer level and canals with extremly long and curved distal root

old amalgam restoration was removed and access was gained , cavity was bulit up using GIC and isolation using rubber dam was done

canals were negotiated and Working length determination was carried out using bomedent apex locator

lengths were
MB = 21 mm
mL = 21.5 mm
DB = 22mm
Dl = 22.5 mm

canals were negotiated manually and prepared to #15/02 then mechanical preparation was carried out to #25/04 in all 4 canals using wismy endomotor

by files sequence

orifice opener 15/08 plex V

G.path 15/04 zaunba files

shaping 20-25/04 plex V

irrigation protocol
NaOCl 3.25 %
EDTA 17%
CHX 2%

obturation was carried out using WVC

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