Pathologically Resorbed Root Of First Upper Molar

it was just a routine endodontic treatment for first upper molar with acute pulpitis till my apex locator (bomedent) which i trust went mad in the mesiobuccal canal .

all canals length were on average but MB canal was about 16 mm which is very abnormal and goes against my preoperative radiograph .

well when things goes wrong a CBCT can save the day if it’s possible , the patient was informed about the problem we have , a temporary root canal filling material were place till the length apex locator gave me .

on A CBCT view the mb canal had a periapical lesion that caused a pathologically resorbed wide open apex with leakage of large amount of fluid into the canal .

the canal was retreated till the full working length and after 3 visits we managed to get a dry canal , apical 3rd was closed using MTA & MTA Carier .6 (angelus) .

then obturation material was set to the remaining canal space , case reported a post operative moderate pain that lasted for 24 hour , after 1 month follow up the case was a symptomatic and pain free .

the case was treated using the super flexible and amazing TC files from Videya .

wait for full case scenario on El-Carpula Youtube channel .

check the mentioned tools photos Below

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